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A Different Take On “Keynote” Addresses

Lew approaches group presentations differently from most keynote speakers…

He does not simply do the standard templated presentation. Instead, he typically does an engaging mix of principles and examples, followed by interactive problem solving, Q&A, and opportunity mining clinics with participants.

His strength, is the ability to think “way outside the box” while coaching “way inside expectations” when addressing multiple potential scenarios has enabled him to find creative, proactive, solutions  (with high-performance results)  to very complex problems on demand, live at events.

Some of Lew’s proprietary methodology topics include:

  • Maximize your Profits with the 7 C’s of Business
  • Millennials, and How to Manage Them Successfully, While Incorporating 4 Generations in Today’s Workforce
  • From the Dinosaur Age to the Digital Age
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset

PLUS, when time permits, he interacts with participants in special VIP mini-masterminds and meets with sponsors all for the same fee other experts charge for simple one-on-one.

Watch Lew in action with a Fortune Builders group in Las Vegas in 2019.

Some of Lew’s proprietary methodology
talking points, with outcomes include:

Maximize your Profits with the 7 C’s of Business

Talking Points:
This presentation will equip managers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge of how everything in business connects with these 7 categories:

  1. Cash
  2. Customers
  3. Change
  4. Culture
  5. Clock
  6. Cooperation
  7. Communication

They will also have a better understanding of the ecosystem of business and where to focus in order to achieve maximum results.

Tools and systems that empower leaders to focus on what matters, distinguishing between what is important and what is interesting.

“Lew Jaffe is a “Mensch”
Mike Kourey
former CFO Polycom

Millennials, and How to Manage Them Successfully,
While Incorporating 4 Generations in Today’s Workforce

Talking Points:
This presentation will enlighten the audience of the many differences between the generations that are in the workforce today.

Lew will share the insight into how each generation learns, communicates, and how they respond to leadership and management.

Specific tools to enhance and maximize your teams’ efforts, regardless of what generation they are from.

“Lew is the master of making the complex sound simple”
Sam Chon
Managing Director of Amazon Web Services

From the Dinosaur Age to the Digital Age

Talking Points:
Many businesses are not utilizing the resources that we have today in the online world.

This presentation with educate the business owner or manager to maximize the online tools that we have available to create a better overall customer experience.

Everyone will learn which online systems to implement to create happy customers, thus creating profits with repeat transactions.

"When I heard Lew on stage, I knew he was a guy that I needed to get to know better”
Robin Roberts
Global Head of Novartis Digital Innovation Lab

The One Day MBA

The Critical Stuff They Don’t Teach in Business School

Talking Points:
The One Day MBA presentation will show entrepreneurs how to lead, and what mindset to have in order to build sustainable processes, so they can focus on success.

Additionally, arrangements can be made to provide everyone with a copy of The One Day MBA book. In some instances time allowing Lew will sign copies. There is also an online version of the this training with 11 videos and audios. Access to this training may be included in some presentations.

Every attendee will have a better understanding about human behavior so they can create the right team. They will also have the tools needed to increase their organizational skills and focus, therefore resulting in better sales performances and increased profits.

“Buckle up, when Lew Jaffe speaks, it’s an amazing ride”
Clare Fairfield
President of Venture Capital Institute

Additional action topics include:

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Whether you own your business or own your job, it’s critical to know the difference between what is important and what is interesting, and how to stay focused on the right stuff.


Migrating from Management to Leadership

Managers focus on systems, processes, and repeatability while leaders are focused on people and vision. Knowing when to manage and when to lead is what creates true leaders. – The Balanced Scorecard: This is one of the best tools to vet ideas and initiatives to see their impact, as well as all the resources needed to implement them. It’s also the best way to communicate the company’s vision and tasks throughout the organization.


Stop Selling, Create Buyers

Selling drives the price down, as opposed to creating desire and buyers, which results in holding price and building value.


The French Fry Rule

This is one you must read on your own. It’s the best lesson on discipline, EVER! This book reads more like a novel, than a business book. Each lesson is ready to use and will make an impact immediately.


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